Common Sunscreen Myths You Should Not Believe Anymore

Published on 08/13/2020

Despite the fact that many people around the world are still so reluctant to use sunscreen, we all know just how important and effective it is. However, there are still so many wrong ideas that people believe regarding the usage of sunblock. Not only is it a brilliant way to protect your skin from the sun, but can save your skin from being damaged or even worse cancer. Sunscreen should without a doubt be used on a regular basis, and should be apart of your skincare routine. Take a look at these myths about sunscreen you should definitely forget about!

Common Sunscreen Myths You Should Not Believe Anymore

Myth 1

So the first myth we would like to debunk is that many people believe that if their sunscreen is waterproof they do not need to reapply it after swimming or sweating. We’re here to tell you that this is in fact very false. A lot of the sunscreen that is available nowadays claims to be waterproof, even if that is somewhat true or still should be reapplying sunblock every two hours. Especially since being in the water or sweating can easily wash off!

Myth 2

The next myth is one that so many people specifically with darker pigments in their skin belive. What exactly is the myth? Often you may hear, “I tan really easily so I don’t need to wear sunscreen”, or I have dark skin so sunscreen isn’t necessary”. Both of these sentences are not true at all. If you’re someone who loves to lay in the sun for hours just to get the perfect summer glow, dermatologists suggest that you really need to be careful. A tan is pretty much telling you that your skin is getting damaged – no matter how good you think it looks. Additionally, regardless of how dark your skin is, it is still susceptible to sun damage. If you’re a person who believes this myth, perhaps think things through before stepping out into the sun.

Myth 3

Many women think that if their foundation or makeup contains SPF, they don’t need to wear sunscreen. Ladies, we’re here to tell you that think is completely false! Chances are even if you do wear makeup with SPF, firstly it doesn’t have a significant amount and secondly, you probably don’t wear enough makeup to truly protect your skin from the sun. And as we mentioned earlier, the SPF does wear off after some time. Meaning, that you will still need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Myth 4

This last myth we want to debunk can somewhat be understandable, however, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. The saying goes, “I don’t need to wear sunscreen if it’s cloudy or during the colder months”. People think that there’s no way to get sunburnt through the clouds, but please believe us you still should be applying sunblock to your face and body. Just because its cloudy doesn’t mean they will protect your skin from UV rays. So no matter the water, don’t forget your sun cream.