Six Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Published on 08/05/2019

If you are tired of being out of shape and are looking for a way to dramatically change your body, what follows are six exercises that will help you reach your goal. These exercises are deceptively simple, but they have been proven to not only strengthen you, but also help burn unwanted pounds from your body. By consistently performing these exercises, you will use exercises diet body fitness shape be on your way to a thinner and fitter body in no time.

Jumping Rope

If you are like most people, chances are good that you haven’t picked up, much less used a jump rope since you were in grade school. If that’s where you are coming from, you are missing out on a cheap and effective means of getting into shape. In fact, jumping rope burns more calories per minute than practically any other exercise. Besides, it’s fun too.



If you are looking for something that will tone a series of muscles in one exercise, squats could be just the thing. Squats tone your glutes, strengthens your body, and burns lots of calories. And if you want to really ramp up the benefits of his exercise, just make it into a jump squat, and throw in a weight to blast the fat.