Tea, The Connection Between Mind, Body And Soul

Published on 09/30/2020

The soothing beverage has evolved from years of use, culture, and tradition. Tea is a global concept that differs on almost every continent. Tea has been found to heal certain illnesses, aid in certain symptom relief, reduce anxiety, and can also promote weight-loss. Tea comes in a variety of flavors and from origins in this day and age. However, the ingredients in tea have been proven to assist in anxiety relief, stress reduction, improving one’s sleep, and many more. However, drinking herbal tea should also be drunk in moderation as the effects of too much herbal tea can be negative on your kidneys and liver. The benefits behind this herbal soul soothing drink are simply unbelievable and should greatly be utilized more than we do. Here are the different types of teas and their benefits:


Chamomile tea is known for stress reduction and the soothing of anxiousness. Chamomile is highly recommended before bed and will also provide you with a great and deep night’s sleep.  Another interesting aspect of chamomile is that it has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help aid menstrual cramps. The chamomile flower has been shown to be related to bone density protection and blood sugar regulation. A quality cup of benefits is what it sounds like!


Rooibos comes from a shrub native to the beautiful country of South Africa. Jam-packed with anti-inflammatory stimulants and antioxidants the tea is linked to improved digestion, bone density protection, and aiding in the prevention of obesity/ weight gain. Rooibos tea also contains a variety f minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium. The tea is absolutely delicious and is even good when you add a tad of milk. Rooibos cappuccino’s and red lattes are a common beverage in South Africa. The tea also goes great accompanied with a teaspoon of honey and is safe for babies.


Ginger has been a longtime nausea soother, used for morning sickness and motion sickness too. Ginger root is a known anti-inflammatory and can assist aid in muscle ache, pain reduction, osteoarthritis and can also ease menstrual cramps. Ginger has an array of qualities and benefits it is one of the most potent natural roots that is used across the globe and in native cultures of Asia. Ginger tea also assists in protection against cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


Not only can you simply add fresh mint to any tea but actual peppermint tea has tons of benefits. Peppermint aids in digestion, and relief of abdominal pain as well as nausea. Thus, many people drink a cup of peppermint tea before bed or after dinner. Peppermint tea settles the stomach and can also reduce anxiety, the action of sipping is the main reason behind stress-reduction in tea just as much as the ingredients. Moreover, peppermint tea has been shown to improve quality of breathing in athletes. The reason behind this si that it has been shown to relax the bronchial tract and increase brain oxygen levels. All this in a cup of tea.